Chili Piper : Front End Ninja Developer

Company Details

Chili Piper

New York based startup is seeking for an extremely extremely talented front end developer to help reinvent enterprise software.
What we’re looking for

You must have experience building responsive, complex – yet beautiful and easy to maintain interfaces. And you can do it in about one third the time most competent people think possible.
Your gift for amazing front end chops is evident in your portfolio.
You live and breathe CSS and can’t imagine life without stylesheet libraries. ( We’re talking about senior level – almost god level of skill)
You enjoy working with the engineering team to make it all come together
You love spending your working hours with wicked smart, engaged people who do amazing work.
You like working with new technologies and ReactJs is amongst them (you are also familiar with isomorphic React Flux, Redux, EcmaScript, Immutable.js and of course Restful APIs)


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