Administrative Assistant for Startup High-Tech Company

Company Details


About Syde

Syde is an integrated smart technology startup. What do we do you ask? We engineer technology experiences. Everything from high performance cell phone charging to complex automation. Our goal is to build technological solutions centered around your life for your convenience while utilizing methods of reducing power consumption, energy use, and time wastage to pay itself back. Syde was founded in June of 2016. We are headquartered in Chicago, IL and have additional offices in Shenzhen, China.

How do we grow so fast, and so successfully?

The key ingredients to our success are our ability to level ourselves with the consumer, a progressive and evolving company culture, our cutting-edge technology, and best of all our enthusiastic employees.

What is your average day at Syde?

Your average day at Syde will be something like this. You’ll walk into our Chicago office. It’s a colorful, welcoming office filled with like-minded individuals aspiring to create products that think differently. You will respond to customers via email, chat, and phone and advocate for new customer-forward policies to leadership. You are SYDE’s customer ambassador. At the same time, you will dabble your hands in other areas of the company including managing operational and marketing projects. And at other times, you will provide assistance on operations including book-keeping and light tech management. By taking charge of projects, customer communication, and operations, you will ensure SYDE is efficient and getting things done.

What will you be expected to do?

  • Day to day book-keeping, reconciliation, and generating financial reports as needed
  • Being brand ambassador and answering customer questions, inquiries, and warranty claims over phone, email, and chat
  • Managing and ensuring all marketing projects and initiatives are on-track
  • Other day to day administrative tasks, HR paperwork, and light tech work

What we are looking for?

We are looking for a fiery individual with a dynamic attitude towards work and life. Someone who can adapt to different environments, and find a sense of fulfillment in what they do. Someone who can collaborate and juggle projects, deadlines, and work effectively and efficiently. We are looking for someone who wants to stay for the long-term and grow with the company and it’s mission.

Tactical Requirements:

  • 2 Years experience minimum with book-keeping and account reconciliation
  • Netsuite experience is a big plus
  • Manufacturing experience is a big plus (BOMs and Work orders)
  • 3 Years experience minimum in customer service
  • 2 Years experience minimum using a Mac
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently on a computer, strong abilities in Microsoft Office, and someone who is 8/10 technologically minded
  • High school degree or above

Why Join Syde?

Syde is currently in hyper-growth. That means we are growing really crazy fast. Your job will change quickly as Syde continues to grow and scale. You will gain wide areas of expertise, be exposed to different business functions, become confident in new environments, and have massive amounts of personal growth and development. Joining Syde early gives you the opportunity to experience our growth from the roots.


  • Health Insurance ($250/mo contribution)
  • Yearly performance bonuses
  • Salary adjustments yearly