Job Hunting for Fresh Grads

Job Hunting for Fresh Grads
Job Hunting for Fresh Grads

29 January, 2018

Get success in your first job out of school

Congratulations! You made it! After how many years of studying, you now earned your bachelor’s degree. Now, you wonder what’s next? Various questions wander in your mind that could leave you puzzled for the coming months. And the most popular question among these is, how to start adulting?

But what is #adulting?

Adulting is a phase in life wherein most fresh graduates encounter a few weeks before graduating and a few months after it. It entails managing and accomplishing duties and responsibilities that some students do not know of. These include paying bills, helping out with rent and other payables and seemingly, acting like an adult at an early age. Although for some, the adulting phase comes early yet for some, happens right after college.

Where to start?

The process of adulting begins when you, the graduate, thinks and plans out on how to deal with life after college. Most would refer to it as a crisis but in truth, it is a phase wherein almost everyone goes through. Some face it head on yet some gets more ideas on how to “hack” it.

Normally, this is the phase where most would feel lost and puzzled on what’s their life purpose. Thinking and contemplating about so many things in life.

Some question themselves:
What is my life purpose?
Where am I going?
Should I apply to this company?
Where to next?
Did I take the right track?

These are a few questions that people ask themselves. But, fresh grads should not think of it negatively rather think of it as a new adventure that all of them must face!

Job Hunting 101

Job hunting is part of adulting and we are going to share some helpful tips that could help you find the right job for you.

But first, contemplate on these questions.
What is the path that I want to take?
Where do I see myself a few years from now?
When do I start applying?
Is it proper to take a break after college?

No matter the answer you have now, it will eventually end up in looking for a job and saving enough money that you could spend to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.
Here are some tips that could help you for your job hunting.

#1 Take a break

Have a break, have a KitKat!

Just like that, it’s okay to lounge for a while even for a few months. You deserve it! Truly. After studying for a number of years, it’s okay to take a vacation with your friends at the beach, or travel out of the country or go backpacking!
That break gives you time to think about things and plan how you’re going to start the next chapter of your life.

#2 It’s a journey

Life is not a race but a journey that you must take with your whole mind, body, and soul. It’s true that some feel lost and disappointed with a little frustration on the side. You see your peers getting jobs right after graduation while you face challenges with it.

Frankly, nothing is wrong with the degree you chose and yourself. It’s just that, we all have different paths to take, milestones to accomplish at diverse periods of time. Do not worry so much about everybody else, just worry about your own.
Do not tire yourself pondering on what if’s and what could have been. Just focus on being yourself.

#3 Don’t undermine your skills

You’re unique just like that the other fresh grads and that you have skills and worthy of any job opportunity out there. It’s better to know what your strengths and weaknesses before you start applying because those could be asked by the interviewer.

#4 Always dream big and soar high but fight for your dreams

“The only hindrance there is to your success is yourself.”

Remember that no one can ever do it for you except yourself. Remember by heart that there are endless opportunities and chances in this world.

We wish you all good luck and happy job hunting!

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