How to Be An Independent Recruiter

How to Be An Independent Recruiter
How to Be An Independent Recruiter

13 February, 2018

In this modern day and age, being a freelancer or an independent contractor is becoming more popular as people want to manage their own time. Nowadays, recruiters are gearing towards working independently. It may be overwhelming at first as it is quite tedious to find clients that would want to avail of your services.

Needless to say, there are more people making the move and it is one of the goals of every person out there; to work for themselves in the long run. As the years of being an employee of a recruitment firm, it allows the person to grow and gather the skills necessary in order to be able to start operating as an independent recruiter.
Some experts suggest that having a minimum of 3 to 10 years of corporate work experience before you go solo.

Now, here are some useful tips on how to be an independent recruiter:

#1 Update your network always
The idea of becoming an independent recruiter is high, let alone the idea of starting up a new one. One of the key elements in doing so is to gather your network and establish good relations with them. Cementing important people in your network will help you in the long run.

As mentioned, the network may include the past colleagues you had throughout your entire working experience as a recruiter. Others may be old classmates or even people you just met through friends. These are very valuable in building a network. Those years you have spent working in the recruitment firm will be very helpful in the journey of becoming an independent recruiter.
Another way would be using platforms such as LinkedIn to build your network. This could connect you to companies and even employees that may want to find a good opportunity for them. Joining communities or groups online can ignite ideas and even let you overcome challenges that would mold you to become a better recruiter some day.

#2 Don’t burn bridges with your former employer.
Moving out of the corporate world and starting a new chapter in your career may ignite a competition with your former colleagues at your former work. Sometimes, your former employer might raise their eyebrow on this move of yours too.
Starting an independent career may face some challenges like having the same candidate which might still be connected with the former firm you worked for. This may involve some documents [e.g. non-compete agreement, non-solicitation] which would prevent you from poaching other employees from companies.

Competition is good but make sure that it will not ruin other people’s lives nor make it harder for the both of you. A healthy competition should keep and maintain good relations with the former employer. This cultivates a good working relationship which could result to forming a partnership some time in the future.

Therefore, it is never a great idea to burn bridges when you have begun the journey of becoming an independent recruiter.

#3 Create a plan and accomplish it little by little
The journey has begun and going independent allows the person to handle their own time. There will be those times that it feels good to be lax at some point and using that mañana habit; which is putting off things that you may accomplish now for tomorrow.

It is still best to have goals that are achievable and will always put you into motion.

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