How to Get Promoted While You Are Still Young

How to Get Promoted While You Are Still Young
How to Get Promoted While You Are Still Young

28 February, 2018

It has always been a great experience when you are young and there are various things that millennials do. Some travel the world and still work a corporate job or go as freelancers.

Most millennials are get-goers, or they do everything in their power to get and achieve what they want; let alone their goals. May it be career-wise or their personal aspirations. Some think that hiring millennials could be a mistake from the perspective of the company. That hiring them would just end up losing them after a few months. Others connote this as a common trait by millennials.

On the contrary, there are millennials who aspire to grow old with the organization or company that hired them in the first place. They stay more than six (6) months to a number of years before they branch out and find another company or employer. Finding another employer may be easy especially if they have good performance at the previous employer.

Even if there are challenges that millennials face to be able to move up in the company, we share some tips on how can you get promoted even if you’re still young.

#1 Be an expert in the current role you are doing

Getting hired and accomplishing your daily tasks does not equate to mastering the role and becoming an expert in the field.

One of the keys in landing a chance on promotion is to become an expert in your field. Whether it is in the design field or in the business world, just excel in the work and continue doing what you do best.

While performing your daily tasks, people may recognize your best efforts that could motivate others to perform well too. If the work is in the field of sales and marketing, this can be observed depending on how many sales you have made. For those in the service-providing industry, it would reflect on the feedback from the customers. If they were satisfied with your service or not.

Moreover, before thinking about promotions or more responsibility, remember to master your current job by performing and giving your very best consistently!

#2 Connect with the whole team, work with them

There’s no “I” in team which is why, it is best to try working with the whole team. Not only it shows camaraderie, but it creates an impression to your colleagues that you are willing to accept their ideas and share your insights to their suggestions.

A survey was done at University of Phoenix found that around 36% of the working age (from 18 to 24) are aware and knowledgeable that teams are vital however, they would prefer to accomplish their tasks alone most of the time.

Most of the employees and workers that belong in all the age brackets admit that they are not keen on teamwork as they comprehend that these relationships are necessary to finish the pending work. Plus, it allows them to befriend their colleagues and eventually form very good working relationships with them.

Refrain from isolating yourself by working in a specific corner in the office, facing your laptop and putting earphones. Some take this differently and would feel that you are ignoring everyone in the office. Others will think that you might run off somewhere or even slam the door.

#3 Find the right timing

It has always been the dream to get promoted and climb up the corporate ladder or even accomplish your goals. One important thing about this, it is to do it in the right timing.

Aspiring to get that promotion even at a young age may entail a lot of factors that can aid in fulfilling your request. One of which is that you may need to be aware with what’s happening around you may it be inside the office or outside.

Do ask yourself:
How is the business doing?
The industry, is it as strong as ever?

Things may vary depending on the current job that you have, the field you are in or even the industry that the company belongs to. There are times that you cannot be promoted as the position is still filled.

One of the best things to do for now is to invest in yourself and trust the skills that you have, continue performing your best at work and, show your initiative in handling more work or even finding a room for you to grow more.

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