How can millennials ace the interview?

How can millennials ace the interview?
How can millennials ace the interview?

7 March, 2018

Finding landing a job is something that everyone aspires to accomplish in life. The world is changing and the younger generation are reviving small businesses, engaging in becoming solopreneurs or entrepreneurs. Hence, other corporations are having some challenges with recruiting and filling up the vacancies in their organizations.
Most of the graduates today are composed mostly of millennials. Their population is rapidly growing but some organizations have a hard time in recruiting them. Some would say that they expect a lot, demand a lot even if they have little to now experience at all.

But, we have a solution to that! Here are some tips that would help millennials ace that job interview!

Do some good research about the company.
Research is not only about accomplishing tasks and school works. It is also included in accomplishing daily work.
What’s great about doing research is that the company would know that if ever you would be hired, you have the initiative to perform well and accomplish things on time. It’s one way of getting acquainted with the company; from its mission and vision to the history of how they came to be.
In addition to that, this will allow you to simulate and think like you are already part of the team.

Power Dressing
Preparing the attire before the interview date has always been part of the culture amongst ourselves. We think of what ensembles will we wearing on that day however, it is vital to wear the appropriate business attire (or smart casual) for the interview.

Truthfully, there are companies who do not have their own dress codes. The employees are free to choose what to wear as long as it does not disrespect the company and its image. After all, the employees are extension of what the company is and what it aims to share.

If in case you are not quite sure about the dress code, it is best to consult with the recruiter who contacted you in the first place. They will be more knowledgeable on what should be worn on that day.

Be Punctual
One of the things that most recruiters would look at is punctuality of the candidate. Even if some candidates are from far places, it is still important to arrive minutes before the start of the interview. Aside from arriving on time, also remember to bring copies of your resume since they might be requiring it again and using it for the interview process.
Don’t forget to put your phone in silent mode or turn it off!
First impression lasts. Remember that!

With creating first impressions, it is important to be respectful and polite to the interviewers. Greeting everyone in the company with a smile, handshake and eye contact. Possessing the positive outlook in life can help spread and strengthen rapport within the company. Not only that, but it would also distinguish you from the other candidates.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

Sell yourself but not too much
Wanting a job maybe one of the biggest things in your life!
Regardless of the industry or the position, at some point we really need to express your utmost interest in order to obtain the job. You will be asked what are your strengths, weaknesses, experience and even your hobbies and skills. Sharing all of these will be essential and similar to selling yourself to the company. Just remember not to overdo it.

Lastly, don’t forget to be courteous and to thank the interviewers at the end of the interview. We hope that these tips would be able to help you ace that interview and land a job!

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