How to Become an Independent Recruiter

How to Become an Independent Recruiter
How to Become an Independent Recruiter

6 November, 2017

Recruiting is a very vital element for every company. It is how the company acquires more employees that could help them grow and flourish in the industry. Whether independently recruiting or not, it is something that could be quite intimidating. It takes a lot of courage to shift from being a corporate employee to someone independent.

To shift from being a recruiter in corporate world to become an independent recruiter running your own business could be a lot to take in at first. So we have conjured up some tips on to be an effective independent recruiter that will catapult everyone to success!

#1 Create a plan

For every step taken, it should be well thought of. Being free about every rule there is within the company can be an overwhelming thing as well. However, sometimes it is such a helpful and powerful tool to create a plan so the independent recruiting company can set its goals for the long run.

These are some of the guide questions that could help you jumpstart yours:

Who are you going to recruit help you run the company?

Where will your office be? How are you going to manage with rent or amortization? Have you considered about working from home?

Consider consulting with friends in these fields or take some online courses to build your skill set.

How will you acquire your clients and even build up your network? Who will be included in your candidate pool?

What are your short-term and long-term goals for the business?

How will you stay social?

#2 Update your network

Thinking of the shift can be quite shocking since it can involve a lot of things. The first question in mind is, how will you get clients to trust you?

Before that happens, bear in mind to establish a good relationship with your current network and even clients and it does not end with that. Do not forget about your current pool and your colleagues. Sooner or later they will be looking for another company to work for and it’s best to work with a colleague that you know and already trust.

Stepping out into a new zone can require a lot of help. Always keep in mind that there are platforms such as LinkedIn and RecruitingBlogs. These sites allow every recruiter to see and pool candidates from across the world. Plus, it lets you connect with employees, freelancers and even professionals. Another great thing about these, it allows recruiters to join and even create groups for networking that permits discussions and challenges. More so, recruiters can directly contact the potential candidates and clients through email and even social media.

#3 Avoid burning bridges with your former employer

At first, starting from scratch can be quite challenging. There are numerous risks that require supervision especially when it comes to competition. Truth be told, starting out at first can be quite a competition with your former employee.

There will be steps which can cause you and your former employee to cross paths. There will be times that both parties would sign a non-compete that could possibly prohibit both of you from competing with each other. Others can also have some statements that would prevent one another from encroaching their top clients or talents.

If you nurture friendly terms with the former employer, do not be shocked if they pass along some of their overflow work in the near future. It’s not a great idea to burn those bridges especially if you have become an independent recruiter.

If you are an independent recruiter, hope you could tell us more about your experiences and stories. We would love to hear from you!

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